Fakta om 5G


5G Appeal

Over 240 internationalt anerkendte læger og forskere fra mere end 40 forskellige lande, som har dokumenteret at 5G mobilnetværket er livsfarligt, især for ufødte og mindre børn.


5G Responsum

Om hvorvidt det vil være i strid med menneske- og miljøretlige regler at etablere 5G-systemet i Danmark. Udarbejdet af Advokat Christian F. Jensen fra Bonnor Advokater


Martin L. Pall, PhD and Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University outlines in a new report the many health risks associated with 5G technology and wireless radiation in general.

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Video fra Cindy Garay Youtube kanal publiceret d. 23. april 2019:

The Legal Way to Stop 5G!

Good News today Everybody! It turns out that There Is a Way to Legally Stop the 5G, under the terms of Assault! . But there will be a Point of No Return by 20/ 20 So this Must be Challenged Right Away! Everyone have a Great Day!

Video fra EN CODE2222 Youtube kanal publiceret d. 16. januar 2016:

Barrie Trower a British physicist who was a microwave weapons expert

During the Cold War, the Russian Embassy microwaved the United States Embassy in Moscow with low-level microwaves for many year s from across the road; why and how is outside the scope of this Declaration. After changes of staff for serious neurological impairments, miscarriages, multiple cancers / leukemia and other illnesses to both male and female employees and their children, the late John R.

Artikel fra Hippocrates Health Institute publiceret d. 18. april 2019:

Wireless Technology and Blood

Skrevet af Dr. Howard W. Fisher. Blood is the most unique “organ” in the body and all physiological functions are totally dependent on the capability of this diverse fluid to carry out a number of functions. In optimal blood cell formations…

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Video fra New Earth Project
Youtube kanal publiceret d. 23. marts 2019:


A full length documentary by Sacha Stone exposing the 5G existential threat to humanity in a way we never imagined possible! Please SHARE this as widely as you feel drawn...use it to target your ...

Video fra Pinstripe Man Youtube kanal publiceret d 19. aug. 2018:

The Truth and Money Behind The Roll Out Of 5G

Thomas Edgar Wheeler (born April 5, 1946)[1][2] is an American businessman and politician. He was the 31st Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and a member of the Democratic Party.[3][4] He was appointed by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the U.S.

Artikel fra Wirerless Education:

Why are Some Countries Removing Wi-Fi in Schools and Others Not?

Skrevet af Mikko Ahonen, PHD
Health Reasons to Minimise Wi-Fi Exposure. France[1] and Russia[2] have current laws to minimise Wi-Fi exposure to children in schools. These two countries have the world’s longest research history on health effect of microwaves, both over 100 years...

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Artikel fra Kristelig Dagblad publiceret d. 23. april 2019:

Det nye 5G-mobilnetværk indeholder et etisk problem

“Cellestress og dna-skader er ret sikre fund i celler, som i forsøg har været mobilbestrålet. Kræft i rotter er et helt sikkert fund,” skriver journalist og blogger David Wedege i debatten om det kommende mobilnetværk 5G.

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Artikel fra Kronikken publiceret d. 25. april 2019:

Klimaminister vildledte borgerne: Sundhedsstyrelsen havde ikke sundhedsvurderet 5G

Teleområdets minister Lars Christian Lilleholt henviser bekymrede borgere til Sundhedsstyrelsen, selv om myndigheden i månedsvis har ventet forgæves på viden om 5G og…

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Video fra Multerland Youtube kanal. Offentliggjort den 12. maj 2019:

Arthur Firstenberg - 5G, Birds, Bees, and Humanity

Symposium regarding 5G, Birds, Bees, and Humanity was held on August 12, 2018 in Taos, New Mexico, USA. Arthur Firstenberg was one of the lecturers.

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